Does Questlove follow you on Instagram? Well, he follows Roxanna. 

Honestly, Rox doesn't understand bios. She had her sister write this, mainly, because she is too busy trying to understand aspect ratios.

Her greatest work was the 2001 parody of popular British cooking show "The Two Fat Ladies" that she made with her dad and sister when she was 9. She's been chasing a sequel ever since. 

Roxanna has worked in many industries, she's worn 100 hats, and she's good at everything she tries. But somehow, she found her way back to film. This past year she's been focusing on music videos, because there are no rules and no box to put yourself in. Her favorite show is The Sopranos and her favorite movie is Little Miss Sunshine, so to be honest, she's not really sure what her genre is. Roxanna is what people call a perfectionist. As her sister, it's exhausting because the standard she holds herself (and me) to is completely unrealistic and out of reach and we're both always falling short. But then again, when you reach for the moon and you miss, you land among the fucking stars (I know you all love this quote, even if it's cheesy). She's impatient and persnickety, she takes her coffee with cream - no sugar - and she doesn't like meek people. She drives a car named "Sushi" and she regularly opens a La Croix, takes one sip, puts it down, and forgets she ever opened it. As her roommate once said, "This is Rox's world, and we're all just living in it."

To sum up; Roxanna is a director, a business owner (Co-Founder of Light Layer Productions), and a real life human being. Watch her closely, because she's a woman determined to rise and as we all know, there is nothing in this world more powerful than that.