Roxanna is an L.A. based director, producer and Co-Founder of Light Layer Productions.

A multifaceted creative dedicated to communicating authentic stories based on the ordinary moments of everyday life, Dunlop believes that the most beautiful tales happen to be the most subtle and relatable. She looks to support stories written by women, about women, with the key goal of supporting females in all creative industries.

Her favorite show is The Sopranos and her favorite movie is Mrs. Doubtfire, so to be honest, she's not really sure what her genre is. Roxanna is what people call a perfectionist. She's impatient and extremely hardworking, she takes her coffee with cream - no sugar - and she doesn't like meek people.

While her career launched with her in front of the camera, she honed her hustle behind the camera with the release of her 8mm short documentary-style film Another Word for Death in 2016, which she wrote, directed, and produced. In 2017, she directed, produced, and starred in Say the Word, a narrative short that nabbed four awards at the John Rosenfeld Short Film Awards. Since then, Roxanna has managed to produce & direct a multitude of commercials, music videos, & short form content. A woman of many talents and a vision to be reckoned with, she is eager to learn and fiercely dedicated to what she believes to be the most powerful art form; film.